Previous Exhibitions

1982 Goethe Institute, Khartoum, Sudan (Solo)

1983 Watato gallery, Nairobi, Kenya (Solo)

1983 Hilton Hotel, Khartoum, Sudan (Solo)

1988 Exhibition in support of Oxfam’s work in Sudan, London (Group)

1987-8 International Society, Manchester (Solo)

1989 Library Theatre, Manchester (Solo)

1991 Business School, Manchester (Solo)

1991 Oriental Museum, Durham (Group)

1996 Workers’ Film Association, Manchester (Solo)

1996 Hatfield Summer Arts festival (Group)

1997-9 Patchings Arts Centre, Nottingham (Group)

1999 Peace Hall, Cardiff (Group)

2000 Touring exhibition, Cardiff and Swansea (Group)

2001 Bristish Council, Khartoum, Sudan (Solo)

2001 Youth Creative Art Centre, Doha, Qatar (Solo)

2003 Grosvenor Museum, Chester (Group)

2003 Kufa Gallery, London (Solo)

2005 Arison Gallery, Manchester (Solo)

2006 Open House, Manchester (Solo)

2009 Arison Gallery, Manchester (Joint)

2009 Open House, Manchester (Solo)

2010 Arison Gallery, Manchester (Solo)

2011 National Museum, Khartoum, Sudan (Solo)

2011 Nectar Cafe, Manchester (Solo)

2012 Open House, Manchester (Solo)

2012 Corke Art Gallery, Liverpool (Solo)

2015 Open House, Manchester (Solo)

2015 The Northern, Manchester (Group)

2015 Incubation Arts, Macclesfield (Group)

2016 Alexandria Library, Manchester (Solo)

2018 Dabanga Gallery, Khartoum, Sudan (Solo)