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Welcome to the Website of Ahmed Sidahmed ElHassan, visual artist and development educator.

Ahmed was born and educated in Sudan. He graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Khartoum, Sudan in 1972, where he studied painting, drawing and history of art. He then worked for the Ministry of Education as an art teacher and also as an illustrator for children’s magazines. He became Head of the Educational Media department for the Council for Adult Education and Literacy.

During that time he was also the co-ordinator and a member of the arts team for several UNESCO and UNICEF projects in Sudan (on nutrition, population and drug prevention education).

In 1985 Ahmed came to England for postgraduate studies. He gained an Advanced Diploma in Adult Education (1986) followed by a Masters in Media of Education (1989) at the University of Manchester. Alongside this he trained in video production at the Workers Film Association Media Centre.

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‘My paintings reflect different stages and moods, not just one theme – some follow a theme of experimentation, some are reflections on travel or memories. I don’t limit myself to a certain school or subject but express my ideas in my own ways, be it figurative, landscape or abstract.’

I don’t usually approach a painting with a planned idea, composition or subject, and rarely sketch in preparation for a painting. I enjoy the challenge of facing a blank canvas and letting the flow and process develop from there. So if a figure or building appears that is not my only aim, I enjoy the process itself. I use oil colours, watercolours, acrylics and other media on different surfaces. I love to experiment with colours and different surfaces. Painting to me is not a matter of mastery only but a matter of feeling.

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You are welcome to contact Ahmed by e-mail or phone:
T: 0161 881 8506

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